Has Social Giving Made a Difference for Non-Profits?

Has Social Giving Made a Difference for Non-Profits?

Recently, I saw an interesting infographic the designed around the power of Social Giving. With over 100% growth in the productivity of money raised through social media since 2005, non-profits are beginning to realize the profound opportunity that exists in pursuing donations through social networks and social media efforts. Because today, we choose to more fully express our lives online we have the opportunity to promote our favorite restaurants, movies, events, photos, and even non-profits. We now have the ability to leverage our online networks and social capital to share with people organizations that support movements that we are passionate about.

Social GivingWith all of these different methods of communication that non-profits can use to reach the world with their message, nothing is more important than to effectively empower their individual donors and supporters to share information about their organization within their communities of influence. Non-profits need to understand the capacity and power of the world of social media and how it applies to giving and their bottom line donation structure. Some organizations that do this really well include, Invisible Children, Mocha Club, Help-Portrait, Hope International, Charity Water,and many more.

In the past, non-profit organizations and NGOs have focused budgets and money primarily on the key donor demographic and developing direct mail, marketing plans, and acquisition dollars around the donors that will write the big checks. I believe in doing so they are leaving a good amount of donor dollars and influence on the table.

We have to remember that as we are able to engage and connect with young influencers, activists, and social media mobilizers that money will eventually come. The brilliant part of all of this is that the acquisition cost of younger influencers that utilize social media to share the message of a non-profit is substantially less expensive through traditional donor solutions. These non-profits needs to focus on developing campaigns (such as #Giving Tuesday listed below) that empower and equip the organizational supporter to effectively share the vision and mission of the non-profit in a personalized and influential way.

So, all in all, the importance and relevance of using social media to raise money for non-profits is growing exponentially every year. If we can continue to develop creative, compelling, and measurable campaigns to raise money via social media, we will see substantial growth in money raised, movements created, the mobilization of ideas, lives changed and overall impact realized.

Here is the infographic so you can see more specifics than I discussed above.


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