Jackopierce 25 Year Reunion: A Band that Started My Career In Music

A few decades ago, I found out about a new band called Jackopierce. For years and years I followed them from my high school, across Texas and then across the country. I have so many amazing memories of my higschool and college years around being at shows and listening to their CDs over and over and over.

A few of my favorite stories include: The first time they played at my high school. Essentially it was a private concert in from of a few hundred kids at TCA. Clearly an epic experience. I also remember traveling up to bar in Denton called Rick’s where a new band called Vertical Horizon was opening for JP. The bar was 18 and up and we were all 17 and so one by one we had to create a random excuse why we “forgot” our IDs. I will never forget seeing two such amazing bands early on in their careers before they both went out to do great things.

Jackopierce 25 Years

I remember seeing JP play a show in Alabama when I was in school out there both in Birminham in 5 Points and then at the Ivory Tusk in Tuscaloosa. It is amazing to me how much I remember of a show from 15+ years ago one blurry night in the heart of Sweet Home Alabama. I remember spending New Year’s Eves at JP shows, seeing them play in cities all over the country. I also remember how destroyed I was when I was unable to go to their final show back when I was in school at Baylor.

Since that night I have seen both Jack and Cary play separately as solo artists and when Cary  told me that they were reuniting I was so excited.

Now much has transpired in my life since those good ole days of blaring “Rain” or “Vineyard” in my car. Or singing every word to Mexican Tune from “Live From The Two America’s album. Since then I have run a record company, cofounded a music management company and built a music tech company that helped reshape the music industry. I know more about music than I ever did back them, but it will never change the place and role that JP’s music played in my love for music, my desire to get into the music industry and ultimately the memories that were made that I remember by the JP songs that were playing during that time.

Am I a JP superfan? (superfans are those fans that follow a band everywhere and try to pretend that are great friends with the band)…well maybe so, but I cant wait for 25 year reunion show this weekend. The idea of being able to relive old memories and make some new ones is something that I am really looking forward to.

So, (and here is my plug) If you have not already bought tickest to the show at the AT&T Performing Art Center, the time is now. The show is almost sold out and the time has come to get ready for another great JackoPierce show.


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